Robert S. Crowder

The Life and Passing of
Sept 11, 1924 – Sept 21, 2019

Now reunited with wife, Jackie, and son, Bobby.

We love you and miss you dearly. 


"Here's to Bob, he's first class..."

On 9/21, this world lost an amazing man,

... and heaven gained one hell of an angel.


My grandfather, Bob, checked all the boxes a person should in life. He was an asset to this country, serving in the Army through the Pacific Theater in Okinawa and the Leyte Gulf with multiple first landings and made it out alive to marry my beautiful grandmother, Jackie, and raise a family of four.


His legacy lives on in his two daughters, Sally and Peggy, and in his son, Jimmy. Not to mention three grandchildren and two beautiful great grandchildren, who he got to celebrate his 95th birthday with less than a week before he passed. He is now reunited with my uncle, Bobby, who passed away years ago doing what he loved best, scuba diving, and my beautiful grandmother, Jackie.

We are all so proud to have known such an amazing man and to have been able to call him father, grandfather, great grandfather and friend. 

In true Crowder fashion we raise a toast to this amazing man...

”Here’s to Bob, he’s first class...” 

Love ya grandpa, forever and always,

– Meagan, and the rest of the family


In His Memory

Dear Bob,

Heaven just received a beautiful angel. Mark just told me about Bob’s passing peacefully at home this morning. Even when you know one’s time is near,  it’s still so hard. He’s by Jackie’s side again now though, at peace and comfortable. 


Bob sure lived a full and wonderful life with the best, most loving and caring family I’ve ever met. I feel very blessed that we got to share such special times with Bob and your family. Thank you so much for letting us be a part of it.  


Sending you all our love and our hearts are with you,


The world will never be the same,

Bob was so close to my dad and our whole family. Jackie as well. Bob was a beacon of the best in the human spirit! We were all so fortunate to experience LIFE with him! 



So sorry for your loss,

I loved his fearless take on living life and always enjoyed his loving and caring spirit. All my love to you, and the family! 


Big big hugs,


With love,

Roger always called your dad a Renaissance Man. His interests were so unique and varied and the experiences he provided his family were beyond compare.


I know he valued your great care and attention to his needs and loved your sparkly personality. 


I’m glad you could take the best and leave the rest...

Roger joins me in sending our sincere condolences.



Carlynn & Roger 

Bob with his great grandson, Wilbur

So blessed,

That is wonderful you all were together to celebrate Bob's 95th birthday. My dad also lived to 95. 

We have been blessed to have had our people like Bob and my dad in our lives for so long – such wonderful people. I remember yours fondly with so much enthusiasm and love of life. They certainly passed that on!

Megan & Randy

Bob was one swell dude,

We are so very, very, very sad and sorry. So, so many memories of such good times together... 


Doreen & Bill

Not many left like him,

Not many out there left like Bob. He had the biggest heart ...and his laugh. Man, oh man, he’s going to be missed big time!

He was a great person a great example to me and I loved him like a father. He will stay in my heart forever. Thank you for everything, Bob.


So many good memories,

Bob together with his Jackie, in their beautiful backyard in Tiburon. 

I would think of both Bob and Jackie all the time. Your mom the sweetest person on earth, and then, Big Bob...

I thought he would live forever! 


Falling asleep at the Khan Tok was a classic...



What a guy,

We will miss him and so lucky to have him in our lives.

Yeah, he was in our thoughts all day yesterday. We had a party yesterday as it was our girls bday and kept remembering the first time we had him over for a bbq with Bill. Between Bobs, Bill’s and Dave’s stories we had some great laughs. We are so glad Denny got to visit him.

Jodi and Dave

Our deepest condolences,

Now, he is resting in peace. He was a great person, a great example, and Armando love him like a father.


He will stay in our hearts forever,

Letitia & Armando

We loved Bob,

We will very much miss our visits to see him and Jackie in Tiburon. You will be in our hearts. We were so delighted that your him and Jackie came all the way to Connecticut for our wedding 25 years ago. 


Love to all of you,

Ruth & Dave 

Great memories,

I’m thinking of you. I loved both Jackie and Bob; but I had a special spot for Bob. He was fun, charismatic, and so generous. The Crowder House was a great part of our college years. I’m sure he and Jackie are together now. 

Love you all and the memories your family gave us. 




He had a great, long life,

...and he rallied for his 95th birthday! So great that you were there with him. Love you, and wanted to say you are in my thoughts. I know you are glad he isn’t in pain anymore, but I know it’s still hard to say that final good bye.

Love to you and your family,


Feeling Bob's presence,

What an amazing man, and an amazing life, and amazing family. So much gratitude to be connected to all of you and to Bob.

Jennifer & Bob

The world was lucky,

We were lucky to have Bob's presence for so many years. His lovely, caring heart, his quirky food obsessions, his live for roses, dogs and people he cared about.


I feel so blessed to have met him, spent time with him, laughed with him and cried with him – as I do now.


Jackie must be so happy to have him with her.  


I love you all and my heart is with you! Dear Bob, we are traveling with you with our love,



We’ll miss him greatly,

Bob was always a good friend and mentor. We always enjoyed his company and his stories.

Tom & Louise 

Anna and Bob at his 95th birthday celebration on September 14th, 2019

Lucky to get to know Bob,

My time with him was all so memorable and special. He was so unique on so many levels. He is one of those people that when you think of him: you smile!


I know there may be relief to some extent but there is no way to avoid the spiritual and emotional hole that comes from losing someone so special to you, your family and everyone around you.


He was special!


We love you so and are sending to you the most love and positive energy that that we can muster.

William, Margaret & Rory

It has been an honor,

Bob, is at the top of the heap – of all people we have ever met. He does not know how much he will be missed.


We are blessed to have known him and spent such awesome times together! 


We love your Family. It’s an honor to be part of the Crowder extended family. Sending love and hugs.


Bob with his family in 2008 – His son Bobby, grandson Nicky, son in-law Tom, his son Jimmy, son in-law Bill, grandson Bobby, granddaughter Meagan, his daughter Sally, wife Jackie, his daughter Peggy, and daughter in-law Gina.

Bob with wife, Jackie, in The Art, Sept 17, 2014 – for his 90th birthday.

Bob in the Army

Bob and Jackie

Jimmy, Sally, Bob, Peggy and Bill at Hog island on Bob's 92nd birthday in 2016

Bob with his grandchildren – Bobby, Nicky and Meagan

Bob and Jackie leaving for their honeymoon

Bob with his family in 2014 – Grandson Bobby and wife Mina, son in-law Bill, son Jim, daughters Sally and Peggy, granddaughter Meagan, great grandson Wilbur, daughter in-law Gina, and wife Jackie.



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Dear Bob,


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